KK7TV Amateur Radio Station - Phoenix, Arizona
Here are some more of the vintage radios that I have restored and are in daily use in my station.
Johnson Desk Top Kilowatt and Ranger 

This is a Johnson Desk Kilowatt. It is a plate modulated amplifier that uses the Johnson Ranger as an exciter. There is a plug on the rear apron of the Ranger that separates the audio from the final and allows these two signals to be routed to the two stages in the Desk. This setup is capable of 1KW fully modulated AM.


Racal, Collins and Hallicrafters 

These are some of my favorite receivers. They are setup in such a way that when I select anyone of them the proper muting and speaker circuit are engaged. The top receiver is a RACAL 6790GM. It is a milspec rig that is just a pleasure to use. The next receiver is a COLLINS 51J4. The recovered audio on this rig is amazing. If you close your eyes its hard to tell if the signal is S1 or 599+. The next Receiver is an R390A. They broke the mold when COLLINS engineered this rig. Last but not least is a HALLICRAFTERS SX28A. The audio from this rig sounds like a symphony. 


Johnson Viking Invader 2000 and Drake R7A 

This is a Johnson Viking Invader 2000. One of 330 ever made. It uses a pair of 4-400's in the final for 2KW SSB. The SSB generation is via a filter(3.4kc). This makes for a very smooth sounding signal. The receiver is a DRAKE R7A, A wonderful marriage of the vintage and modern age.  


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